Case Studies

So how do you create a brilliant landscape? Tier One Landscape follows a careful process that begins by working with Tier One Landscape clients to understand their unique needs and their property's unique potential. Tier One Landscape then crafts a design around that shared understanding and identify technologies necessary to bring the vision to life, a design that both addresses the clients' challenges and enhances the beauty of the property. The process includes lots of opportunity for Tier One Landscape clients to give feedback on the evolving landscape solution.

Finally, the Tier One Landscape process concludes with the build phase. During construction, Tier One Landscape team members use the equipment best suited to get the job done efficiently, with tools and machinery appropriate for the size of the job. The project is not complete until the final walk-through with the client. During the walk-through, the Tier One Landscape team makes sure that all client expectations have been met. Tier One Landscape also ensures that Tier One Landscape clients have the information they need to care for their new landscape once the Tier One Landscape trucks drive off into the horizon.

But what does this process really look like? Take a look at a Tier One Landscape case study to watch the Tier One Landscape process come to life. Follow along as Tier One Landscape creates a one-of-a-kind solution for the individual needs of each client.

Landscape design blueprint