Image: Tier One Landscape erosion control.Image: Tier One Landscape erosion control.

Tier One Landscape employs a variety of alternative methodologies to control erosion and protect your soil from run-off. Tier One Landscape methods include:

  • Erosion blankets
    Help protect seeds until germination, ensuring a healthy ground cover that keeps your soil in place for long-term erosion control.
  • Hydroseeding
    Another method for promoting healthy ground cover, involves applying grass seed, fertilizer, hydromulch and water in a single, liquefied application.
  • Sodding
    Sod is grown on commercial farms for one to three years to give you an instant green lawn. Good quality turf sod can form an established lawn in two to three weeks, providing an enjoyable lawn and effective erosion control.
  • Seeding
    Seeding is another effective method for erosion control, and one best used when instant results aren’t as important as long-term effective erosion control.
  • Silt fencing
    A silt fence is a temporary sediment barrier made of woven, synthetic filtration fabric and supported by posts. We use silt fences to prevent any sediment and topsoil erosion that might happen as water flows across your property (such as from natural drainage or from storm run-off).


In addition, Tier One Landscape has a wide variety of techniques at our disposal for addressing waterfront erosion issues. Creative deployment of rock material and boulder walls is a technically effective method of erosion control that also beautifies your waterfront areas. Let Tier One Landscape create an eye-pleasing strategy for erosion management designed specially for you!