Image: Tier One Landscape sod lawn area and outdoor room.Image: Tier One Landscape sodding operation.

Tier One Landscape offers two choices to clients looking to build a healthy green lawn. Sodding and seeding are two effective methods of turf-building:

  • Sodding
    Sod is grown on commercial farms for one to three years to give you an instant green lawn. Good quality turf sod can form an established lawn in three to eight weeks, providing an enjoyable lawn and effective erosion control.
  • Seeding
    Seeding is another effective method for erosion control, and one best used when instant results aren’t as important as long-term effective erosion control.


In combination with weed control and fertilization strategies, Tier One Landscape sodding and seeding services will help create a lush, usable lawn for long-term beauty and functionality. Be sure to adequately water or irrigate your newly sodded or seeded lawn! To ensure proper hydration for your sod, consider a Tier One Landscape irrigation system.