Overhead view of outdoor kitchen, grill, fireplace, and patioOutdoor kitchen, patio, and combination fire pit and tableOutdoor fireplace and living room Lakeside outdoor kitchen, grill, fireplace, and patio Image: Tier One Landscape outdoor room.

Tier One Landscape loves outdoor rooms.  Check out the latest trend in home design. Outdoor living spaces—including patios, outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, grills, wet bars, islands, refrigerators, pergolas, and open-air rooms—offer limitless design options and a creative way to use your property to its fullest potential.

  • Outdoor fireplaces, with their soft lighting and gentle warmth, enhance the enjoyment and functionality you receive from your property in evening hours.
  • Outdoor kitchens and other types of open-air cooking spaces add a unique element to your entertaining repertoire. Today’s techniques allow you to get value out of your outdoor cooking spaces year-round.
  • Outdoor rooms allow your gatherings and your quiet family moments to spill outside into the natural environment.


Get more from your property!  With a Tier One Landscape outdoor room, you can extend your interior home design to the great outdoors, and enjoy the increased options your outdoor living spaces provide.  Tier One Landscape has lots of ideas to get you started down this exciting path.

Outdoor kitchen and grill




Image: Tier One Landscape pond, landscape, and outdoor room lighting.


Image: Tier One Landscape pond lighting.Small outdoor kitchen