Image: Tier One Landscape naturalizing.Image: Tier One Landscape naturalizing.Image: Tier One Landscape naturalizing.Image: Tier One Landscape naturalizing.

Tier One Landscape provides naturalizing services in two key areas: prairie restoration and wildflower gardens. If you are looking for a naturalizing solution involving a shoreline or waterfront, please visit the Shoreline enhancements section of the Tier One Landscape Portfolio.

Heading: Prairie Restoration
One of the most exciting trends in naturalistic design, prairie restoration involves bringing the native plant elements of your local ecology into your landscape. Prairie restoration involves analysis of several key elements in a landscape solution:

  • The natural history of your property
  • The large-scale natural elements of your property, such as wetland areas, woodland spaces, prairies, shoreline and other water features
  • The smaller-scale natural elements of your property, such as type of soil, existing plant materials, amount of water, amount of sunlight, and the like
  • The design elements that the property owner prefers
  • The other functional requirements of the landscape solution

Tier One Landscape can help you build a long-term plan for prairie restoration. Because natural restoration is a process, this involves (a) helping you visualize the end result and (b) delivering a plan that defines the incremental steps to achieve that end result. A landscape solution that involves prairie restoration will evolve over time, but an effective design will ensure beauty and functionality at each stage of the process.

Heading: Wildflower Gardens
Wildflower gardens provide a visually appealing, naturalistic alterative to higher-maintenance, higher-cost flower beds. Wildflowers are a hardy species of flowering plant that typically “grow wild” and require little attention from the gardener. If you are considering a wildflower garden as part of a prairie restoration strategy, it’s important to use wildflowers that are actually part of your native natural ecosystem. However, even a “wild” approach to flower gardens requires effective planning to guarantee long-term beauty and functionality. Let Tier One Landscape design a wildflower garden for you that incorporates a strategy for evolution, weed control, and watering to ensure continued success.