Image: Tier One Landscape swimmable pond.Image: Tier One Landscape swimmable pond.Image: Tier One Landscape swimmable pond.Image: Tier One Landscape pond lighting.Image: Tier One Landscape swimmable pond.

Swimming ponds are one of top trends in water feature design. Fun and functional, Tier One Landscape swimming ponds beautify the landscape while providing a unique space for family recreation. Today’s design and installation techniques make ponds—both swimmable and traditional—a possibility for nearly every size property.

A natural alternative to the swimming pool, Tier One Landscape swimming ponds are free from chlorine and other chemicals. On the contrary, Tier One Landscape swimming ponds employ plants and the natural functions of a self-contained ecosystem for water cleaning and filtration. Swimming ponds include two zones—a regeneration zone filled with plants where cleaning takes place, and a swimming zone designed for human (and pet!) enjoyment. Complete with liner, filter, and pump system, a Tier One Landscape swimming pond is environmentally friendly and requires relatively little maintenance.

In addition, there are nearly limitless possibilities for customizing the look and feel of swimming ponds. Shape, structure, surrounding boulder and rock material, plant choices, and the addition of features such as streams, waterfalls, and fountains all play an important role in pond design. Many homeowners also choose to add fish to their swimming pond, enhancing the lake-like feel of their water feature. Koi add an artistic, exotic feel as well as a very visible flash of color to the water feature, while regional fish such as bluegill and sunfish add an indigenous feel to a more naturalistic pond.

Consider a Tier One Landscape swimming pond as part of your landscape solution! You are sure to enjoy the beautiful view, relaxation, and entertainment that a swimming pond will provide.