When the Tier One Landscape team began talking with members of the Reichl family, it quickly became clear that they need a landscape solution that would solve three problems: a water quality problem, a fish problem, and an erosion problem.

The Reichl project’s first problem involved a large pond already in existence on their property. The pond suffered from cloudy water and poor visibility, limiting the family’s use and enjoyment of this important feature of their landscape.

The second problem to solve in the Reichl project involved the health of the aquatic residents in the existing pond. Unhealthy water causes unhealthy fish! The walleye, crappie, and sunfish who called the existing Reichl pond home were in desperate need of improved aeration.

Finally, the Reichl family faced an immediate challenge with serious implications. Erosion problems on the large hill in the back west corner of their property both limited the family’s enjoyment of their landscape and threatened the long-term stability of their property.

In addition to these challenges, the Tier One team uncovered other requirements in the course of getting to know the Reichls. The Reichl family wanted to increase the usefulness of their landscape by extending their living spaces into the outdoor environment. Options for outdoor relaxation and entertaining would become a key piece of the Tier One Landscape solution for the Reichl family.