Image: part of the Tier One Landscape snow plowing fleet.

Tier One Landscape has the capacity to handle the worst that winter can bring snowplowfleet4_385245and to provide you with the service you need to survive the snow and ice. Snow plowing, snow removal, salt/sanding, and snow shoveling will protect your landscape investment through the cold of winter.

The Tier One Landscape snow plowing fleet consists of 18 trucks with customized trigger depths capable of dealing with all types of snow events. Tier One Landscape also has three salt/sanding trucks and offers your choice of a salt mix or straight salt when salt/sanding is required. Tier One Landscape deploys our fleet of Bobcats and front-end loaders as needed according to snowfall severity. Tier One Landscape plans also provide off-site snow removal and storage for large-scale snow events. Tier One Landscape shoveling services can be retained at a variety of service levels according to your needs and unique property issues.

Both snow plowing and shoveling are offered in various time frames following the snow event according to your property’s needs. Open-ups of main streets are included in Tier One Landscape contracts, with additional open-ups of main streets and driveways provided with every four additional inches of snowfall. Open-ups cover the full width of streets and include overflow parking areas. In addition, Tier One Landscape clears fire hydrant and mailbox areas according to property specifications. Finally, the Tier One Landscape snow removal service includes complimentary clean-ups provided the day following a snow event.