Image: Tier One Landscape waterfall.Image: Tier One Landscape water feature.

Tier One Landscape award-winning water features are each unique and designed to fulfill the specific needs of individual clients.┬áTier One Landscape water features are designed to integrate into the natural environment, providing a peaceful outdoor space in harmony with surrounding natural elements. Tier One Landscape takes great pride in the natural look and feel of our water features, using native materials when possible. Tier One Landscape uses an approach to installation that results in strategic variation: that is, careful selection and placement of materials to result in a balanced but random effect, mimicking nature’s variety.

In addition to the aesthetics of design, Tier One Landscape places emphasis on using the best technology for our clients’ needs. The technology of each water feature is unique, and Tier One Landscape selects from a variety of state-of-the-art approaches to filtration including wetland bogs, skimmers, or vegetation. Pumping systems are custom-designed for each project and can vary greatly between small- and large-scale features, from submersible pumps to dry centrifugal pumps, depending on the project’s water volume, power supply, and maintenance schedule. In addition, Tier One Landscape commands a fleet of specialized equipment and an experienced team trained in the latest techniques. Tier One Landscape experience and knowledge comes from a history of working with a wide variety of manufacturers and suppliers to learn proper installation techniques and new technologies. When the switch is flipped, Tier One Landscape water features work.