Image: Tier One Landscape water garden.Image: Tier One Landscape naturalizing.

Softscapes are the plant materials included in your landscape solution. When used strategically, trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals perform multiple functions in your outdoor environment. A Tier One Landscape softscape will:

  • Enhance visual interest in your landscape through color, texture, height, and variety
  • Provide seasonal interest through changing colors, blooms, and even fragrance
  • Soften the edges of buildings, hardscapes, or water features
  • Add privacy and define the boundaries of your landscape or areas within your landscape
  • Hide less-desirable features of your property (such as the sight and sound of an air conditioner)
  • Control erosion or topsoil run-off

In addition to designing for aesthetic appeal and longevity, Tier One Landscape takes into account other practical concerns when designing your softscape. Tier One Landscape carefully considers the degree of maintenance required in a softscape, irrigation requirements, tolerance of winter conditions, and susceptibility to local insect or plant diseases.